Bluebird of Happiness


Will you be able to save your brother?


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Go on a mysterious adventure in Bluebird of Happiness, a game where you'll join a boy determined to find his brother, no matter the cost. This will be no easy task, as you're both been stranded in a kind of dream world after picking up a blue, bird shaped toy.

The strangeness of the first scenes of Bluebird of Happiness set the general tone for this grand adventure. Start by talking with a blue anthropomorphic bird, who will ask you to complete some innocent errands, and get lost in the story from then on. As you might except, the innocent appearances hide a dark side you'll uncover bit by bit as you play the game.

Solve puzzles to beat levels and continue on the adventure. Collect all the objects scattered in the environment, and remember, sometimes the puzzles require you to put two objects together to solve the riddle. The entire game is controlled by using the touchscreen, making it ideal for mobile devices.

Bluebird of Happiness is an excellent title similar to games like Undertale, with much more to offer than what appears on the surface. This Daigo Studio game has great, retro-style graphics reminiscent of classic 16 bit RPGs. Immerse yourself into this detailed world!
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